Should you avoid lookalike discount EuroMillions Lottery games?

Be aware that you're actually placing a bet on the outcome and not participating in the actual EuroMillions draw.

EuroMillions Jackpot can be at the maximum amount it can ever be - and if you won the £168 million prize, then you'd instantly be richer than Adele.

So it's easy to see why you'd be tempted by one of these discounted EuroMillions tickets.

Make sure you know where your money is going before gambling your money

But tickets from websites like and won't actually enter you into the EuroMillions

instead you'll be placing a bet on the outcome of the lottery.

It's worth bearing this in mind if you're hoping to bag the nine-times rolled over jackpot.

It's illegal to bet on the National Lottery

but thanks to a legal loophole, gambling companies can offer bets on the EuroMillions because it's not based in the UK.

You'll still get the same odds and a shot at the prize money, but your money will be going to a commercial gambling company.

This is unlike the lottery when a portion of the money raises funds for charities.

"For it to be legal, the companies have to make it clear that you are betting on the outcome and not entering the lottery,"


People wanting to place a bet through the WorldLotteryClub will do it through a screen like this.

It costs £2.50 to enter the EuroMillions but gambling sites can offer bets cheaper.

The WorldLotteryClub gives you a discount on the more bets you place.

For one bet, it will cost you £2.00 but if you enter multiple bets then you will save money eg 104 bets will cost £1.81 each.

It's basic maths to know that the more times you enter the lottery, the more you chances you have of picking the lucky numbers and scooping the big money prize.

The WorldLotteryClub also pride themselves on their "transparency".

They said: "We refrain from using terms such as 'Play', 'Line', 'Tickets' that can deceive a user

and only use ' Bets ' and our brand name WorldLotteryClub along with Terms and Conditions which cements this again.

Being licensed by the Gambling Commission UK, we adhere to the advertisement guidelines

so customers are made aware that they are betting with WorldLotteryClub and hence might secure a discounted offer."


It's clear that you are placing a bet on Lottoland where it offers £2 bets

A spokesperson for Lottoland is quoted as saying " It's Website is transparent with customers throughout the purchasing journey",

and pointed out that it offers more games than the EuroMillions does.

They said: "In this way, our lotto betting products are distinctly different to what the lotteries out there offer,

many of our unique features (such as 'DoubleJackpot') are even contrary to the traditional lottery mechanics and logic.

They are also quoted as saying "Lottoland brings better choice, value and innovation to customers

Gambling Commission

A spokesperson for the Gambling Commission is quoted as saying "The word 'bet' is really important"

Sometimes this information is in the small print at the bottom of the webpage,

so users should make sure they've read everything on the screen before handing over their money.

Lottoland came under fire from the Gambling Commission back in June for not making this clear enough. They were fined £150,000.

The Gambling Commission said that if players are worried about entering the lottery,

the best place to do it is through either the Camelot or EuroMillions website, or go directly to a kiosk.

You've got until 7:30pm tonight to enter the EuroMillions.

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