WinTrillions Spanish Millionaire Raffle Draws

Spanish Millionaire Raffle Draws

WinTrillions has been selling the El Gordo Millionaire Raffles with great success.

Millionaire Raffles are just like lotteries, except the numbers are pre-selected.
This means that every penny of the prize money is guaranteed to pay out on the night.
The most famous raffle in the world is Spain’s annual El Gordo paying out over 2.5 Billion Euros every single year,
but there are also tens of millions to be won each week on Millionaire Raffles across the globe.
Your chances of winning a cash prize can be as good as 1-in-3!

Due to the enormous success of the El Gordo Millionaire Raffles,
WinTrillions sell all twice-weekly draw tickets,
tickets to the Special monthly draws and the most popular two Draws of the year
Christmas El Gordo Special Draw and theSuper Summer Draw, with a Jackpot of 140 Million Euros

There are a couple of unique aspects about these Spanish National lottery Monthly Draws.

Firstly, the prize funds available in all 12 draws are among the largest in the world
ranging from 84 million Euros for the nine regular draws up to 2.6 billion Euros for the Christmas El Gordo draw
which in fact is the World’s largest prize fund game.

Secondly, unlike most conventional lotteries, these Spanish National lottery Superdraws
payout prizes to the maximum number of players possible;
so there are many opportunities to win cash prizes for matching only a few numbers.

Breaking News: Now on sale, raffles to the Super Summer Draw!

It’s finally here! The lottery event of the 2018 Summer has arrived
and tickets for Spain’s Super Summer Draw are now on sale at WinTrillions.
Spanish Millionaire Raffle 2018 SuperSummer Draw

How would you like to kick off your summer with a share of 120 million Euros? You could jet off on holiday in your own private jet! With 10 guaranteed jackpot prizes of 1.7 million Euros and a total prize pool of 120 million Euros, the Spanish Super Summer Millionaire Raffle could be your passport to the millionaire lifestyle.

The Spanish Super Summer Millionaire Raffle is always popular with customers and we’ve secured an exclusive allocation of Tickets. With 378,000 individual prizes on offer, you have a 1-in-3 chance of winning. That’s the best odds of any national lottery draw in the world! You could be one of the 10 new millionaires celebrating on July, but when they’re gone, they’re gone. so don’t miss out! PLAY NOW!

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