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Lottosend provide their customers with a safe, reliable & comfortable way to play official lottery games from all around the world.

From the huge jackpots of the U.S Powerball all the way to the tax free winnings of the Australian Powerball Lottosend is here! You no longer have to be restricted to play only your local lottery, with the help of Lottosend you can turn the whole world into your local lottery. Pick & choose the jackpots that you want to win.

Lottosend allows you to play the lottery online from any desktop or mobile device. Take control of your own luck, choose how & when you want to play with Lottosend. Whatever the jackpot is, that’s what you’ll receive: 100% of winnings are yours!

Lottosend - Why There're Great!

What sets Lottosend apart is that their dedication has always been you, Lottosend puts the player first. What is most important to them is user experience & customer satisfaction.

When playing one of thier licensed lotteries, you'll receive a scanned copy for every single game ticket you buy. For group games, thier options are designed with only two things in mind; the best chance for the best price. They verify online lottery results & notify thier winners in minutes, with your earnings credited instantly into your account.

There’re always looking for new ways to improve your online lottery experience, if there is any area you think they can improve, they would love to hear your feedback!


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Double the money, double the fun and double your luck! You can use your Cashback Bonus to play on any of our great games. Lottosend welcomes you in style with a whopping 100% welcome bonus up to $30 instant Cashback Bonus!
Use Of Bonus Credit:
• 100% instant bonus up to $30 credited immediately upon first purchase. Example: If you make a first Purchase of $30, you will receive a 100% Cashback Bonus immediately = $30
• Bonus Credit is credited to your Account and may be used solely in connection with your future transactions on the Site. You may not withdraw the cash or monetary value of unused bonus credit from your account.
• The Cashback Bonus is awarded to new members upon making a first deposit in their Lottosend account (Initial Deposit, Cashback Bonus, First Deposit Bonus and First Time Bonus all refer to the same Cashback Bonus).
The Cashback Bonus
• The Cashback Bonus is granted only one (1) time per player and members who benefit from this Cashback Bonus will not be eligible for any other first deposit bonus promotions. Similarly, members who have benefited from another first deposit offer shall not be eligible for this Cashback Bonus, unless stated otherwise.

The Cashback Bonus is valid exclusively for a first deposit within the period specified in each promotion following one single payment of the minimum deposit amount required.

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